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Over 30 years experience in the production of dye yarn, sewing threadand weaving ribbon .

100% mélange nylon (Gema Yarn Limited Hong Kong)

From the inception of the company , our founders had dedicated their lives and expertise in providing clients with high quality yarn fiber to make some of the finest garment in the world. Through our continuous commitment in research and technology, over the past 10 years, we had created a proprietary solution in creating high quality 100% mélange, hence, resulting from the forming of a joint venture (Gema Yarn Limited Hong Kong) to dedicate in offering this new product to the world.

100% mélange has many obstacles and challenges, however, it is a highly sort after nylon order request from many global high dye mills and yarn suppliers who could never really could find a solution on mélange nylon. The work around solution for many is a two tones Nylon but it is not a perfect solution given its limitation on only offering medium mélange effect and the dyeing condition is very strict and hard to maintain consistent quality control. With our new proprietary technology in developing 100% mélange, we are able to overcome these obstacles and provide some of the finest quality nylon yarn in the world.

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