Filament Nylon

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Type Yarn Count
# Nylon 6 DTY(twisted) 100D/24F/2 120TPM, 70D/24F/2 120TPM, 100D/24F/1
120TPM, 70D/24F/1 200TPM, 70D/68F/2 150TPM
# Nylon 6 .6 DTY(twisted) 70D/68F/2 120TPM
# Nylon 6 .6 ATY 162D/136F,70D/68F
  • Dyed Nylon yarn
  • Yarn Count : 70D-200D
  • As customers' requirements
  • Fastness: 4 grade
  • ATY,DTY yarn
  • Specification: 1.Twisted 2.Bright 3.Semi-Dull 4.Full-Dull

Our Filament yarn are mainly available for weaving label, band, tag ,sewing thread and knitting fabric etc.We can offer from 30D to 300D more than 1000 colors include Neon colors. Also we can produce as customers requirements. We are a professional manufacture deal in polyester yarn and embroidery thread. We have been in this market more than 20 years and have good reputation.