Cotton Yarn

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Type Cotton Yarn
# Combed Cotton yarn 7s/1, 10s/1, 16s/120s/1, 26s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1, 60s/1,
20s/2, 32s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2, 80s/2, 100s/2, 120s/2
# Carded Cotton yarn 20/1, 30/1, 40/1, 12/3, 16/2, 16/3, 20/9, 20/4, 20/3, 20/2,
30/2, 30/3, 40/2, 40/3, 50/2, 60/2, 60/3, 80/2, 80/3
# Gassed Cotton yarn 40s/2, 60s/2, 80s/2
# Mercerized Cotton yarn 40s/2, 60s/2, 80s/2
# Supima Cotton yarn 20s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 32s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2, 60s/2
  • Dyed Cotton yarn
  • Yarn Count : 7S/1-60S/1 20S/2-120S/2
  • As customers' requirements
  • Fastness: 4 grade
  • Combed, Carded, Gassed, Mercerized yarn
  • Specification: 1.Pre-twisted 2. Single 3. Ring 4. Compact 5. Siro 6. OE 7.MVS/li>

Cotton yarn have less hair when gassed and Mercerized yarn stays shiny through after washing . Supima is the abbreviation of ‘Superior Pima cotton fiber’. It is licensed trademark by American Association of Supima, The difference between Pima cotton and normal cotton in fiber length and tensile strength . Besides, yarn evenness and fiber fineness, at the same yarn count, Supima yarn after made the fabric is smoother, bulky and lustrous. Our Cotton yarn series are mainly available for Circular knit , Flat knit ,Sweater ,Socks & Sewing thread etc.We can offer from 7S/1 to 80S/2 more than 500 colors . Also we can produce as customers requirements.