Regenerate Yarn

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Type Yarn Count
# Modal 20s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1; 20s/2, 32s/2, 40s/2, 50s/2
# Tencel 20s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1
# Rayon 20s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1, 60s/1

MODAL is regenerated cellulose of viscose fibers ,made from the wood pulp of beech tree. Modal fibers are smooth and soft, moisture absorption, quickly dry and breathable performance is better than cotton fabric. Modal yarn is used alone or with others (often cotton or elastane) it very suitable for dyed yarn stripe circular knit under wears and sweaters pattern fabric. .

TENCEL® is brand name of fiber Lyocell manufactured by the Lenzing AG company. Regenerated from the wood pulp cellulose of eucalyptus tree .Is an eco-friendly fiber. Tencel as a soft, absorbent, durable, strong in wet or dry, resistant to wrinkles and drape well. It is the ideal of dyed yarn stripe circular knit sport activities wear fabric.

VISCOSE fiber, properties close to cotton, have a high moisture regain. And fabrics are breathable, in good uniformity, soft, comfortable to wear. It is biodegradable. It used in many apparel such as blouses dresses lingerie, linings, etc. Suitable for dyed yarn stripe circular knit fabric.